07 May 2014

Italy by Art. Discover Italian's heritage sites with your smartphone

The Italian Ministero dei Beni e delle attività culturali e del turismo (Ministry of heritage, cultural activities and tourism) recently released a simple yet effective App called Italy by Art.

The App enlist over 4000 heritage landmarks across Italy, with plans to double the list of available resources within the next months. The main aim of Italy by Art is to provide an easy to use, mobile and effective tool to navigate among the many cultural hotspots in Italy while roaming through the country.

The heritage sites are organised in 12 different categories to choose from, but it's also possible to browse the information about points of interest through a map, which will display what's around you and provide also turn-by-turn navigation to reach your point. A pretty nice feature if you don't want to get lost in the Italian "vicoli" while looking for the place you want to reach.
Italy by Art comes with a strong focus on tourism, since it doesn't need any internet connection or data plan to work. For every heritage and cultural site listed, useful information such as opening hours, contacts and images are provided in-App.

The App is available at the moment only for iOS, and you can download it for free in the App Store.

Stefano Sbarbati





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