11 December 2013

Google Open Gallery allows museums and individuals to create their own online showcases

RichardAlois' Londonized exhibition on Google Open Gallery

Google just launched another initiative which could help to improve the presence of cultural institutions in the web.

Yesterday the new Google Open Gallery was launched, as part of the broader company's Cultural Institute programme.

The Open Gallery will allow everyone - from established institutions to small galleries, and even individuals - to showcase their collections thanks to the implemented tools, which together will help to create a fascinating virtual collection.

As stated by Google's announcement post "We’ll host your content and give you access to our technology at no cost to you or your organisation. It’s pretty simple—just upload images, add video, Street View imagery and text, interweaving your story among the images to create an exhibition that will truly engage your visitors"

At the moment, the access to the Open Gallery is restricted, as interested institutions must request an invite in order to be able to fully exploit this web tool.

Below, the announcement video showcasing Open Gallery's potential, featuring the case of the Belgian Comic Strip Center.

Stefano Sbarbati





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