Catalonia's Showcase wrap up. Lessons learned and objectives achieved

Carme Prats i Joaniquet, Manager of the Catalonia Showcase, talks about the lesson learned and the objectives achieved during the three years of CreativeCH project. Read the full interview here

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SHOWCASES: Catalonia

From deindustrialization to cultural and creative industry: Routes of industrial heritage in Catalonia.

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Exterior view of the building

The Catalan showcase will bring cultural heritage closer to the young generation. For that, there will be routes of industrial heritage in Catalonia. The first of which will be about and around the Industrial Terrassa, a city of Catalonia.  

Terrassa was chosen because it is a unique example of a town with historic roots and a strong industrial past associated with art-nouveau architecture. Terrassa has preserved the main art-nouveau buildings, most of them designed under the supervision of the architect Muncunill. On the other hand, Terassa has different kinds of buildings. From manufactures, to worker's and industrialists houses, to stores, the theatre and the casino. This wide range offers the possibility to an easier and enthusiastic experience in discovering and understanding the industrial society.
The key activities are the production of attractive stories boards for young people.  Therefore, they will participate in its realization. The aim of the showcase is to transmit the values of industrial heritage, using current techniques and language, such as augmented reality and communication through smartphones. 

Young people will also participate in programs to develop their critical view on the perception of heritage, particularly on some exhibitions at the National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia (mNACTEC) which building was the old manufacture "Aymerch, amat i Jover"  and  is  a Terrassa landmark industrial building due to its innovative art-nouveau architecture.

On a later stage and based on the first experiences, the concept will be developed at Catalonia Regional level.

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Interview with Carme Prats i Joaniquet, Manager of the Catalonia Showcase

In a nutshell, what is the concept of your showcase? 

Our showcase aims to bring cultural heritage closer to the young generation. ICT solutions allow us to talk about heritage with a cross-cutting approach and to integrate contributions of museum and site visitors to the project. In this context, mNACTEC is developing a self-guided walking tour mobile app that focuses on touring the city’s major sites... and some hidden gems! We have already launched El Fotocroma del mNACTEC, a chroma-key installation that mixes images of museum visitors into scenes of Terrassa industrial heritage. An iPad kiosk is available for the visitors to select the desired scenario (from historical photos to outstanding museum pieces), take photos, and download and share the results with friends on social networks.

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News: Catalonia

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