On the Footsteps of the Etruscans. Archaeological Itineraries in the Tuscany Countryside



In order to promote two different areas of Tuscany with enormous touristic potential, and to attract more high-quality tourism, PIN Scrl will present two showcases through an innovative approach involving ancient music, food and other everyday aspects of life.

In the area of Maremma, a traveling exhibit will be organized over a period of three weekends during the Notti dell'Archeologia, a series of events held in Tuscany during the summer months and organized by the Regione Toscana to promote the lesser-known, yet equally important sites of the region.

An ancient Etruscan cart, reconstructed specifically for the event, will be used to retrace one of the main commercial routes of ancient times: the via dell'Ombrone, winding its way inland from the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Complementary events, such as the reconstruction of an ancient market, religious rites and festivities and scenes from everyday life of the Etruscans will animate each stage of the trip. Guided tours of local museums and archaeological sites will also take place.

PIN Scrl also aims to promote the Etruscan area of Carmignano, rich in archaeological heritage as well as in naturalistic, medieval and gastronomic heritage, but with low touristic affluence. Some naturalistic and archaeological trails already exist in the Archaeological Park of Carmignano: from the Museo Archeologico of Artimino to the necropolis of Prato Rosello, from Comeana to Pietramarina, and so on (

PIN Scrl will promote the cultural and economical aspects of this area with technological devices. The signs along the selected itineraries will be equipped with QR code, and an app for smartphones will be developed to support visitors during their visit to the Park, whether they are on foot, horse or bicycle. 

The Maremma countryside.
Stele in a field near Grosseto.

Interview with the Showcase Manager Franco Niccolucci

In a nutshell, what is the concept of your showcase? 

The idea is to promote less known cultural itineraries. In Tuscany there is a rich patrimony, outside of the most frequented routes, which is often shadowed by the major destinations.

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