Workshop: Cultural Heritage and Creative City / Regional Development

The 10th CreativeCH workshop addresses the role of cultural heritage and creative industries in the development of cities and regions. 

It will be held on the 16th of September 2014 in Budapest at the Petofi Irodalmi Múzeum.

The workshop is organised in a collaboration with the Institute for Social and European Studies (ISES), Köszeg, Hungary. The Institute since 2011 holds the UNESCO Chair in Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainability, and offers a post-graduate programme that provides an interdisciplinary specialization in cultural heritage and sustainable development.

The workshop will bring together experts from Hungary and other countries, including from Creative SpIN (Spillovers of Innovation), a network of European cities funded under the URBACT programme. Creative SpIN defines and tests tools and methods to best connect cultural and creative industries with other sectors of the economy, to stimulate “creative spillovers” that contribute to innovation.

To know more about the workshop, and to download the programme of the day please visit our dedicated page.

Creative Industries and Citizen Cultural Participation in Rural Multicultural Communities

The ninth project workshop took place on the 10th of April 2014 at the West University of Timisioara, Romania. The full-day programme included presentations, case studies and discussion on the relationships between creative industries, cultural heritage and rural communities. 

A special focus wason the communication of heritage of multi-ethnic communities and regions like the Banat, which spans areas of Romania, Serbia and Hungary. Methods for (re-)activating local heritage (e.g. craftsmanship, local products, music) and connecting rural communities to creative industries will be explored. 

Furthermore, going beyond a simplistic rhetoric of “diversity as richness”, issues in the participative communication of multi-ethnic cultural heritage will be discussed. 

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Open Access, IPR and management of rights in the digital Cultural Heritage realm

A moment of the workshop in Florence
A moment of the workshop in Florence

Researchers, students and practitioners from the cultural heritage, museums, libraries and archives fields joined the CreativeCH team at the Museums and the Web Florence (MWF2014) Pre-Conference Session - Horizon2020 and Creative Europe vs Digital Heritage – A European Projects Crossover.Open Access, IPR and management of rights in the Digital Cultural Heritage realm

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New Skills and Professionalization for the Digital Arena

A moment of the Workshop in Rotterdam

New Skills and Professionalization for the Digital Arena, CreativeCH's seventh workshop, was held in Rotterdam on the 2nd December 2013.

This workshop was organised within the Digital Strategies in Heritage or DISH 2013 international conference, held bi-annually in Rotterdam by the New Institute, the Digital Heritage Netherlands (DEN) Foundation and Europeana

Three themes were proposed at the conference, Business for Creative Industries, New Competencies and Active Audiences, in view of providing an overview of the most important perspectives on the digitization of heritage. The conference attracts many international attendees, however the strongest participation came mostly from Dutch, Belgian and some Scandinavian institutions.

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Business Model for Creative Cooperation

Business Models for Creative Cooperation, the project's fifth workshop, took place last 17 September in Pilsen (CZ)
Business Models for Creative Cooperation, the project's fifth workshop, took place last 17 September in Pilsen (CZ)

The workshop focused on the opportunities and challenges in the revitalization and communication of industrial heritage sites. Revitalization involves adapted new uses of such sites often in the form of facilities for cultural organisations (museums, galleries, etc.) or work spaces for creative industry businesses. 

The workshop presented and discussed approaches for creative cooperation of site developers, creative businesses, S&T and cultural heritage organisations for communicating industrial heritage to new and young audiences.

The workshop took place in Pilsen (CZ) within the Pilsen Week of Culture Factories

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Internazionalisation and Localisation of Cultural Heritage

A moment of the Workshop in Prato
A moment of the Workshop in Prato

The workshop on Internationalization and localization of digital cultural heritage was organized as a session of EVA Florence 2013, a conference on Electronic Imaging and the Visual Arts, in Florence, Italy, by the local partner PIN.

The workshop focused on the opportunities and challenges in communicating heritage to local/regional communities as well as to audiences across European countries and internationally. In particular it highlighted the importance of taking account of distinct cultural characteristics (i.e. preventing stereotypic images) and promoting understanding of cultural diversity.

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Industrial Cultural Tourism

How to strike the right balance between tourism development and heritage conservation and promote responsible and sustainable cultural tourism? 

How to attract more interest in less know and/or relax the pressure on overcrowded cultural tourism areas? 

These and other challenging questions were discussed in Industrial cultural tourism, the fourth workshop promoted under the framework of the CreativeCH project, that was hosted by Museu de la Ciència i de la Tècnica de Catalunya (mNACTEC) on Friday 10th May 2013 in Terrassa.

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Citizen Cultural Participation, November 2012

The CreativeCH workshop in Brighton, UK

Different European projects responsibles and students joined the CreativeCH workshop in Brighton on 21 November 2012, in order to explore and identify active and participatory ways to engage citizen in the promotion and valorization of Cultural Heritage.

The workshop focused on how to involve citizen in an active participatory way in the documentation, preservation, valorization and dissemination of Cultural Heritage. 

Particular questions regarded how to communicate with citizens, how do they perceive cultural heritage and what is the citizen’s benefit from cultural heritage. Read more


Creative Heritage and ICT in the Experience Economy, Cohimbra, May 2012

The second workshop from the CreativeCH project was dedicated to discuss the combination of heritage content, creative approaches and novel technologies to allow tourists enhanced and engaging cultural experiences.  

The event was organised by the University of Coimbra and took place on the 17th of May in Aveiro at the INVTUR 2012 conference. read more 


Creative Cluster; Stuttgart, april 2012

European experts gathered in Stuttgart to explore and identify critical factors for Creative Clusters in relation with Cultural Heritage, on a workshop promoted within the CreativeCH Project by MFG Baden-Württemberg. Read more


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